our sheep's wool

Fiber and Yarn

We lovingly raise Romney sheep in the sleepy hills of western Massachusetts.  

Fleeces, roving and yarn are available in limited supply. Subscribe to be notified when fiber products are available.

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Fleeces and Yarn

We currently are sold out of all fleeces and yarn. Subscribe to be notified of available fleeces after the next shearing.

Sold Out
Raw Fleece - White (Finny) F100
Sold Out
Raw Fleece - Black/Brown (Amazing Larry) F101
Sold Out
Raw Fleece - Light Gray/Brown (Amazing Larry) F102 (Available on our ETSY SHOP)
Sold Out
Raw Fleece - White (Koriand'r) F103 (AVAILABLE ON ETSY CURRENTLY)
Sold Out
Raw Fleece - White (X) F104

Thank you for supporting a small farm.

By raising sheep on our family farm we are preserving the land and animals for future generations. Our sheep feed on untreated pasture and fertilize the land which builds up the soil. Your purchases of farm products enables us to continue protecting the land and raising animals in a humane way.